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To assist all Military personnel through the struggles of re-location. We can assist in many ways including Shopping, Sports, Schools, Housing, Financing, Recreation and many more. We hope yours' will be a smooth and enjoyable re-location to sunny Southern California.

We have relocation personnel available 40 hours a week to assist you in most of you needs. We can send you information on schools, assist you in the purchase of homes, we have a complete re-location guide available to you, we have arranged the best mortgage financing through City Line Mortgage and, of course, we love to tell you about the recreation here in the beautiful San Diego area.

Our staff is ready to answer your questions by e-mail or telephone from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday. We also have specialized personnel to assist you after hours or on weekends. An appointment with these staff members is easy to set by requesting an appointment with our operators.

We strive to make your transition from wherever you are to the San Diego area the smoothest and most pleasurable one it can be.

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