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 :: Military Family Housing

There are over 37,000 military families in the San Diego area. Approximately 25 percent of these families are housed in government quarters and 5,956 Public Private Venture (PPV) units in San Diego. Unlike most military installations, the majority of government homes are located in communities in the private sector. There are over 4,500 applicants waiting for government quarters as reported on the Commander Navy Region Southwest's website. The average waiting time for assignment to quarters is 12 months with waiting times ranging from one month to several years, depending upon the location of the site, size and rank (longer for officers, up to two years). All officer and enlisted personnel accompanied by their bona fide family members are eligible to apply for Military Family Housing (MFH) and Public Private Venture (PPV) Housing.

San Diego County Quarters:
The 10 Navy and Marine Corps installations located in San Diego County are served by a centralized housing program manager Commander Navy Region Southwest (COMNAVREGSW). Family Housing Programs at Navy and Marine Corps installations are managed by COMNAVREGSW. They have off-station quarters and on-station quarters. To apply for Government quarters in San Diego county, you may call (619) 556-8443.

If you would like to learn more about your housing options click here.

Source: Comander Navy Region Southwest Family Housing Program, Dec. 2003

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